Woody vs. The Lone Ranger

Last week my dad text me a photo he found of me while scouring his garage. It was Christmas, likely around 1983, and I wore The Lone Ranger outfit over my pajamas. This is so Jax, I thought.

Seth Tearz at about 6 years old.

Seth Tearz at about 6 years old.

The big cheeks. The blond hair. The wiry frame and the slightly open mouth with the serious face. And, of course, the costume.

Jax, like a lot of 4-year-olds, I’m sure, loved to dress up. He’d change into his Mr. Fantastic costume (Fantastic Four) at least four times a day. Before he hit his superheroes stage, he dawned Buzz Lightyear and Woody outfits constantly.

Jax as Woody.

Jax as Woody.

The more I look at photos of me as a kid the more I see Jax. My wife agrees. He would’ve loved Disney’s The Lone Ranger. And I’m completely confident he’d throw on a black mask with a white cowboy hat and make Gray play his Tonto.

6 thoughts on “Woody vs. The Lone Ranger

  1. This story knocked my socks off because just the other day Tommy and I passed a billboard for “Lone Ranger” and I was telling him that I could just imagine Jax dressed in the little mask and cowboy hat! He would have loved it :)

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