OC Family Published My Story – Check It Out

UPDATE 1:58 PM 12/29/16: Direct link is up, which you can find HERE. 

UPDATE 3:25 PM 12/27/16: Apparently viewing the web version is not mobile friendly. But the good news is a direct link will be posted within the next week or so. Once I get that link I’ll update this post with it. 

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OC Family today published an essay I wrote for them for their January edition, which can be found throughout Orange County starting today, or online at ocfamily.com. I wrote about Jax, dealing with grief and our New Hope (to borrow the Star Wars idea – Phoenix). On the top right click on the January digital magazine, go to page 60 and you’ll find it.


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2 thoughts on “OC Family Published My Story – Check It Out

  1. Seth❤️I have no words through my tears except to say thank you for sharing, so eloquently, your heart and experience through your grief. I truely believe this will help so many grieving parents and also those who wish to support because we don’t always do the best job. I love you and your beautiful family so much. Love and God’s Grace… Bobbi

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