The Simple Difference Between Men and Women

All men are pigs. Let that sink in there for ya. All of them. Even your darling, perfect little husband. He’s a pig. I mean, some men are just assholes and can’t or choose not to filter their inner pig. It’s just that your innocent, great man isn’t a dick. But he’s still a pig.

If I only teach my two-year-old daughter one thing in her life, it’ll be that men are pigs. But it’s not our fault. We’re wired that way. It’s not a cop-out or us not taking responsiblity, it’s just science.

This sums it up very simply.

Illustrated by Sam Cobean

Illustrated by Sam Cobean

Cartoonist Sam Cobean worked for The New Yorker in the 1940s and 1950s and published The Naked Eye, a book of cartoons, in 1952. Cobean sketched this cartoon assumingly around that time. I think it supports my point. We’re wired completely different from women. It’s not that society has changed or we’re inundated with sex in the media (although those things are definitely true). Our brains will always go right to the boobs. Or the butt. Or the pretty face. Your grandpa was pulling the same shit. And so was his grandpa.

Next time you mixed-sex couples have a fight or can’t agree on things just remember: she’s thinking about clothes while he’s thinking about boobs. It’s just that simple.

9 thoughts on “The Simple Difference Between Men and Women

  1. Ok well I am not a guy…so I can not voice a sound opinion. I wil take your word for it, cause i have been hearing this for years.. in my early years used to infuriate me…scare me…throw me into fits of jelousy/insecurity…but now…Now I am just so grateful that I am a woman and Not wired that way….

  2. So Seth are you telling me that all those times at work when you asked me if you could ask me a question, as soon as I turned around in my chair from doing my work, you thought about my boobs? Good to know. 🙂

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