First Look at Baby Boy

First off, an update on the pregnancy. Everything has gone very well to date. The wife and Baby Boy are growing appropriately, and as far as we know, are healthy as can be. A c-section was scheduled for July 22. We’re hoping the little sucker is good at keeping appointments.

Last month, Mommy’s First Peek captured some 4D ultrasound pics for us while the wife was 28 weeks pregnant. I thought it’d be fun to compare and contrast 4D ultrasound photos of Jax, Gray and Ellie to Baby Boy.

For comparison, Jax was 30-weeks-old at time of ultrasound and the twins were about 24-26 weeks.

Let me know who you think he looks like in the comments below.


addtext_com_MTcwODUwNDA0MzcHe’s already a conceited little sumbitch, ain’t he?






6 thoughts on “First Look at Baby Boy

  1. That’s awesome that you have all these 3D/4D photos to compare. I think Jax wins. Baby boy looks more like Jax than the twins. Count doe to no sleep. Good luck!!!

  2. SO amazing! Looking at them in the womb, Jax is Jax, Gray & Ellie are very recognizable. I could match them without the tags. New Baby Boy is if course similar but he is his own little guy. I cant wait to meet him! I’m so very happy for all of you.

  3. I totally agree. he is his own unique self and they all look like their mommy and daddy. Jax is Jax – Gray is Gray and Ellie is Ellie and this precious new little guy will be his own self

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