My Kids are Thankful For….


My wife asked the twins what they were thankful for as part of a Thanksgiving project she’s making for family members. She tends to bring some sort of craft or art project to family at Christmas and Thanksgiving gatherings. And she always incorporates Jax.

Anywho, their lists gave me a chuckle, as I’m sure any list a 3 1/2-year-old creates, so I figured I’d share. Not all of these made the final list. Ladies first.

Ellie is thankful for:

  • Grayson
  • Movies (particularly¬†Frozen and¬†Cars)
  • Baseball
  • Turkey
  • Eating some food
  • Mom and Dad
  • Bears
  • Go Fish (the card game)
  • Shoes and crowns

Gray is thankful for:

  • Xbox (he doesn’t play it…ever)
  • Chicken
  • Liam (his cousin)
  • Going shopping with mommy
  • Having a turkey for Thanksgiving
  • For Santa’s hard work
  • Toys that fly like super heroes
  • Dad and Mom having a good time
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Batman
  • Baseball

And for Jax:

We are thankful for every moment with you.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


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