(T)GIF – This One is for Jax

As I’ve mentioned, Jax loved Halloween. We received a costume catalogue in the mail and he would study every single page. Every single day. What he wanted to be that last year for Halloween changed daily. But there was one constant admiration of his – Ghost Face from the Scream movies.

I had a Scream game for my iPad, where you play as Ghost Face and stalk characters on different levels and slash the screen with a finger to engage the knife. He begged me to let him watch me play. If it was up to him, his last Halloween he would’ve been Ghost Face. When I said no, he asked how old he had to be. I told him 7. After Halloween that year, I purchased a decorative poster for his door which had a large picture of Ghost Face. I showed it to him, and he was thrilled to tape it up at the next Halloween.

One day while drawing with my wife, he was copying happy faces she drew. She asked him what he wanted to draw now, and he drew Ghost Face. While not exact, when compared to his happy faces, you could see the obvious discrepancies. It was awesome. And finally, while feeding the infant twins milk one night, I let him watch the first fifteen minutes of Scream. He sat on the couch, jaw to the floor, eyes as  big as softballs, silent. Then Ghost Face started to chase Drew Barrymore from with his knife and it was time for bed. He asked me to leave the light on in his room for the first time. I wonder why?

So this, my Jax, is for you.



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4 thoughts on “(T)GIF – This One is for Jax

  1. That movie is freaking scary! and that face, yikes. What a funny little guy to like that stuff. I still can’t get over the mutulated and bloody animals he took trick or treating as part of his costume. What was he that year?

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