Was That Dead Pigeon a Sign?

Last Thursday a pigeon decided to get super comfy on our porch mat. My wife was leaving to meet a friend for dinner when I heard a shriek. She never shrieks. I ran to the front and she showed me the bird. Our porch light is out and it was dark. She almost stepped on it, which would’ve been messy. We both had an eery feeling, mainly because it was dark. So she left through the garage and I hoped it’d fly away. It never did.

As she left, my wife told me there were two packages left on the porch, as UPS and Fedex often leave. I circled around the house and crept up the front lawn towards the packages that lay/lied/laid three feet from the pigeon. I cursed at myself for not bringing a flash light. I slowly reached for the packages, scooped them up and back peddled the hell out of there. Those Hurley sandals CHOC sent us for reaching a fundraising goal were safe!

Later in the night I showed the kids and snapped a pic and shared it on Facebook and Instagram, as some of you might recall. Before my wife came home I checked the porch and text her to let her know the bird was still there. She came home through the garage and I went to bed with a plan to call animal control in the morning if it was still there.


It wasn’t still there. The kids and I looked in the morning. I started to turn around and close the door when Gray suggested we look outside further to see if it moved. Makes sense. So I rubbernecked out my front door, looked left, and damnit there’s the bird, face down on my porch. Directly in front of the window to Jax’s room. What the shit. Later in the day I shoveled the carcass in to a trash bag and dropped it in the trash can.

The whole thing is very curious. Now I’m not the most observant when it comes to birds in our neighborhood, but we don’t really see pigeons on our street. And how the hell does a bird find our porch and plant itself inches from our front door step? And then it decides to die right in front of Jax’s room? C’monnnnnnn universe.

My wife Googled it and came across a common theme about the signs/omen of coming across a dead bird.


A new beginning, a fresh start. We could use those. And from this website:

Dead bird in the yard or on the highway – if you’ve seen a dead bird in the road or perhaps you accidentally hit a bird on the road, this usually feels like a bad sign. Actually death is typically a good sign showing us that an end to turmoil or pain is ending. This doesn’t necessarily mean physical death, just a metaphorical death. Perhaps you’re going through heartache of a break-up, perhaps you are struggling to find a job…this dead bird marks the end to your search and struggle. A new beginning is just around the corner.

An end to turmoil or pain is ending. The end of our search and struggle. I think we can use that. And here I was, thinking the only gift that pigeon left us was white polka dots of crap on our porch.


24 thoughts on “Was That Dead Pigeon a Sign?

  1. So, out of interest, did anything positive happen afterwards?
    I ask as I found a dead pigeon in the garden today too and we also had it wrapped up in a black bag and put in the trash can which was actually collected today too. …
    Would really appreciate an answer ..

  2. Dharmesh –

    Eventually, yes. But it was a long while. And, I imagine, it was just coinicdence. We had to deal with more heart break following the arrival of this bird before the positivity finally arrived.

    • We had a dead pigeon right in front of our door step. A delivery man pointed it out for me early yesterday morning. I was devastated. He was very kind and moved away the dead pigeon body for us. I kept thinking why did it happened and is it meant anything bad luck is coming through the door soon? I am a spiritual person but my partner is not. Any people has similar situation and what did it happen to you? Appreciate all your comments x

  3. Yesterday I noticed the pigeon outside my front door. It was obviously struggling to move. I was not sure If it was injured so was reluctant to move as I could have caused more injury. Later I noticed it had moved to the stoop of my garage door. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to make it. So I put a box with news paper near it as it was cold. In the morning I found the board dead head down to the ground. I hurried the bird. I feel compassion for the bird but I hope it brings me this new beginning and end of pain and turmoil.

  4. I found a dead pigeon on my patio yesterday morning , I had it removed , but kept thinking about it all day thinking it was bad luck but apparently it isn’t , is this true .

  5. A pigeon died in front of our doorstep yesterday here at our Motel room I mean I go outside and it’s just their right almost right for the doorstep I don’t know what this means but hopefully is end of a struggle

  6. Even though I never believed in these things , It happened to me exactly 10 years ago when we moved to a new house. A pigeon came inside my garage and would never leave. It was mildly mobile but not very active. After a night I thought I wouldn’t keep her/him indoors and moved out side in a box. Kept some grains and some water and a warm cloth. The following morning I went to check on her straight from bed and she was dead. It was a but disturbing and I started reading lot about this sign. In the after noon I get a call that my most favorite aunt is no more.
    Fast forward 10 years and I am now facing the exact same. Moved to a new place again, some family bereavement happened in my home town and on the day of the last rites I see this. I am thinking this as the end of suffering and the start of a beginning and moving on.

    Peace to all .

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