Reminder – Jax Remembrance, June 24

I make the same tongue roll at this photo, which is in our bedroom, every time I make eye contact with it.

I make the same tongue roll at this photo, which is in our bedroom, every time I make eye contact with it.

On June 24 we will be gathering at Mountain Gate Park in Corona for a casual time of remembrance to share memories, socialize and just be together. When it gets dark (roughly 8:30 or a little later) we will show a short film of pictures and home movies under the stars, so bring a blanket or some chairs. It will be very informal.

Mountain Gate Park’s Field 1 is where Jax excelled in his year of tee-ball. We think this is a perfect place to remember him.

We would love to have everyone come and celebrate with us what were the best four years of our lives. All are welcome so please pass this along and share with others. If you have any questions you can reach me at, or leave a comment.

Jax Remembrance

7:30 p.m – 10 p.m.

Field 1 at Mountain Gate Park

3100 S. Main St, in Corona, 92881

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3 thoughts on “Reminder – Jax Remembrance, June 24

  1. Fred and I would have loved to be there but we will be in Washington at that time. We love you guys and will keep this event and you in our prayers.

  2. We are praying for all of you! Can’t even imagine the amount of healing you’ve reaceived, but know the scars are still on your hearts. May God bless you as he holds thoses scars in his hands. Love, Darla and Jerry

  3. Oh man Seth I started reading your blog last night and your love for Jax is incredible, your wife’s and everyone who knew him is as well! I admire your strength and I haven’t even read it all… I don’t normally comment but saw your entry about it so I figured I would after being incredibly touched by the song Ronan by Taylor Swift… Not going to lie I’m bawling because that’s my peanut to a t minus the four years, I only got two. I wish I found it sooner it would have been perfect for his service…. Thank you for sharing!!

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