Jax Remembrance – Payment Methods, Tickets Still Available

IMG_0142Kristina and I chased down the UPS guy last week in our pajamas (I’ve been working from home for about six weeks). I faintly heard a knock on the door from the office and she was helping Gray, who just pooped. We came from opposite sides of the yard to track him down and grab the Jax Remembrance Angel tickets. I realized after I walked back inside that my pajama shorts had more holes in them than golf course and he knew what my boxers looked like. Anyway, we now have 150 tickets!

We purchased a little extra, and the Angels group season ticket guy said we can buy more (minimum of 10) if we need to. So if you decide you want to join us, let me know. We can work it out.

Tickets are $14 per seat and include a voucher for the throw back hat that can be redeemed on the day of the game. If you know anything about Angel Stadium, or just want to look because you’re curious, we’re in section 301.

Payment Methods

  • Mail us a check. Email, Facebook message, text or call one of us if you need our address. I don’t want to post it on here. There are some freaky deaks that end up on this site from Google searches.
  • Paypal. This is the easiest method for everyone involved, once you’re signed up. My account is austin5377 at aol dot com (spelling it out to avoid getting even more spam than I currently get….type it in normal in Paypal).
  • In Person. If you’re going to see us, or want to see us, hit us up and let’s schedule something. We’ll bring the ticket, you bring the cash.
  • At the game. If we can’t work anything out, just bring the money on the day of the game.

Once we complete plans on where to meet at what times, I’ll post an update. We’re still working through ideas. If you have ideas of your own, let us know.

We ended up buying 150 tickets, and only 10 were extra – three of which have already been accounted for. So the turn out has been amazing, and we thank you all for joining us.


Jax Remembrance at Angel Stadium – Last Chance


Wednesday is your last chance to reserve a ticket for this year’s Jax Remembrance, which will be at Angel Stadium 6/24/14. Details can be found here.

If you want a ticket, let me or my wife know. To make sure I haven’t missed anyone, below is the list we’ve gathered and the amount of tickets for each family/group/person. Please let us know if you see an error.

Thursday I’ll work out the details with the Angels and let everyone know how they can pay for the tickets. Thank you all for the incredible turn out for this event. It means the world to us.


Abners (3)
Acostas (3)
Alex W (2)
Amane P (5)
Andersons (4)
Bill/Katie K (2)
Blombergs (6)
Conibears (2)
Curtins (4)
DeKrakers (5)
Del Sestos (4)
Donna (1)
Heather K (1)
Jamie (3)
Judy (1)
Karis (3)
Katy A (1)
Kurt/Cherrol A (2)
Leah S (4)
Littons (4)
Lujan and Co. (7)
Meghan T (1)
Nazzie (2)
Nikki C (1)
Papa (1)
Steve G (1)
Thompsons (5)
Tommy (2)
Val M (1)
Zellners (5)