The One Where We Finally Choose a Name

We did it, guys. We chose a name before discharge day. Without a poll.

But before I share the name, let’s review some ideas that didn’t quite make it to the final list.

*These are in fact legit ideas suggested by myself or the wife (mostly myself)

  • Wally (Walter)
  • Boone
  • Knox
  • William
  • Cohen
  • Quentin
  • Brooks

Enough of that. And the name is…………

Hendrix Asher. Yes, if you recall from Baby Name Watch of 2016, we chose Phoenix over Hendrix for the symbolism. This time around, nothing leap-frogged Hendrix for us, although Asher was close. So instead, the runner-up, which we love for the meaning (below) and tie-in to Phoenix’s symbolism (rising from the ashes), becomes the middle name.

And I think we’re going to call him Ash. Of course, we also thought we’d call Phoenix “Finn”, and here we are two years later, calling him P all the time. So we’ll see what happens.

Ash and wife are both doing well. The pediatrician said he looks great, and an echocardiogram cleared Ash of any heart concerns, which there was during the pregnancy. They’ll get another full day in the hospital Wednesday, and then we’ll bring him home Thursday, where the reality of having four kids in the home will smack us right in the nose.

Love you all,


In Case You Didn’t Know

The wife is pregnant. I realize this is the first time I’ve posted the news in this space. Kristina posted it on her Instagram and Facebook accounts a while back and tagged me, but unless you stalk my feed or have seen her within the last six months, this may be news to you.

In fact, she’s so pregnant that the c-section is tomorrow morning at 9:30. It’s a boy. We don’t have a name picked (shocking, huh?). Ellie is pretty excited, Gray is less than excited and Phoenix just wants to name him Chewbacca.

This pregnancy has had a couple of concerns, but from what we’re now told, baby boy appears to be healthy as can be. We’re looking forward to getting the sucker in our arms about this time tomorrow, and then we can breathe easier.

I don’t plan on posting a live blog, like I did with Phoenix’s birth, as the WordPress app sucked. But I will be posting on Instagram @sethtearz and Facebook¬†throughout the day with meaningful updates or trivial silliness.

Love you all,