Self-Conscious Much?

Unknown artist

Unknown artist

I’ve struggled writing a post to go with this illustration. I have a poor self-image. I’m very self-conscious. It’s pretty bad. It’s why I like booze. My anxiety and social fears wash away with the beer or whiskey. When I drink I feel more charming and confident than George Clooney trapped on an island of only women.

But I identify like hell with this cartoon and wanted to share it.

So, a couple of things for ya…

1. Feel free to leave lots of comments. If something I wrote made you smile, let me know. Tell me if a post touched you. Share your own experiences with all seven of my readers. If you’re feeling shy, fire off an email.

2. Stop sniffing my butt when you’re behind me on the stairs.

UPDATE: My wife just emailed me her response to this post:

…read your post, seems very depressing and the whole first point seems like you want people to like your site as a validation that they like you…maybe on sad days we should skip blogging…

To clarify, I’m not looking for ball washing. I just know it’s easier to read and take away then to leave a comment. My point is that comments really do matter, so if you’re impacted in any way by something, let me know. It makes a huge difference.

Secondly, I am sad. I ran out of Welbutrin and took a few days off of my anti-depressant cocktail as a result. Holy crap that didn’t work out so hot. I’ve spent the last 48 hours on the verge of rage, tears and social withdraw. I EVEN BLEW OFF HAPPY HOUR LAST NIGHT. That’s a dark place, people.

But I feel like things are starting to turn around. Maybe tomorrow I actually won’t feel like using a brick to re-arrange anyone’s face.